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What are you listening to?



I rmemeber listening to this song in a “Fallout 3” Commercial Exactly when one character´s head exploded,

I couldn´t hel to buy the game.


Partly prompted by the Britpop nostalgia story in the music thread:

This is one of those songs that has a real nostalgic quality for me, even though I wasn’t particularly a fan of the band or even the song. It was everywhere for a while.

(And for English listeners it’s probably always going to evoke the country’s football team getting knocked out of Euro '96, as it played out that TV broadcast.)


Came for the song.

Stayed for Sarah


Caught up with an old friend last night and he gave me this present, after he spotted it in a second-hand store. It was a favourite album when we were younger.

Look at those lovely lads!

(Although it’s a slight cheat for this thread as I don’t currently have a record player to play it.)


Random playlist for this morning’s walk…

Midnight Sun by Viktoria Tolstoy - Swedish Jazz singer, nice voice but a bit of a plodding song.

Might Just Take Your Life by Deep Purple - live version from Kilburn, 1974. Probably the best song to show off the Coverdale/Hughes partnership.

Shelter from the Night by Bob Catley - one of the better songs on a patchy album. Needs Tony Clarkin on guitar.

Stella Splendens by The Artisans - 14th century I think, played on hurdy gurdy.

Storm by Vanessa-Mae - headbanging violin, perfect tempo for walking to.

Sunset by Cozy Powell - There’s something wrong when I’m thinking one of the greatest drummers in the history of rock sounds less energetic than Vanessa-Mae.

The Falconer by Jo Quail - it’s just incredible what she can do with a single cello. It sounds like this…


Sometimes it’s worth reminding yourself that the world is a stranger place than you could ever have imagined…


Was this your first exposure to Babymetal?


No, but every now and then I need to convince myself that it really exists :wink:


Ever hear of High and Mighty Color? J-pop band that does techno rap metal - female vocalist in the standard J-pop mold plus another guy who raps and growls/screams, were very popular for anime themes in the 2000s


I was going to say no, but as their wiki page says they did some themes for Bleach and Darker Than Black then yes I must have :smiley:


@arjandirkse said:

I love some country music. Bluegrass is great, and the soundtrack to Oh Brother Where art Thou is one of my spotify favorites.
Folk music from all over the world is great.

Thought of a couple right away.

Here’s the original. Not technically bluegrass, that would have to be Bill Munroe.

Wish the sound was better on this one, done a bit later.

And, yeah, every-damned-body knows how to play it!

Playing banjo one must master both the hammer-on and pull-off, and be dang good at slides. Watch Earl’s hand on his last solo on the middle video. He makes it look smooth and natural. It is so not smooth and natural!




“Adventure Time” ended on Labor Day and I’m kinda wrecked in that fan-centric way. I’ve been listening to “Time Adventure” and “Come Along With Me” over and over and soaking myself. Edit: The last one is from the actual episode. The album version is more instrument heavy. The TV version is vocal heavy until the very end. It also illustrates how hopeless things looked.


I´m Freaking Criying over this…

Are you happy?

I mean… you should… It´s beautyfull.


Been on a bit of a Kamasi Washington binge lately. I really love how he creates these little irritating moments in what otherwise are almost Easy Listening pieces of Jazz. Breezy, soulful and catchy at the same time with a nice rolling Hip Hop groove and this special characteristic something that’s very much his own. That man is brilliant…!