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What are you listening to?


I’d forgotten how much I like Local H. I saw them in a small club a little bit after they’d lost popularity but it was still a really great show. My favorite song of theirs is by far Fritz’s Corner.


There’s more than one version that I’ve heard. Metallica’s is a cover of the Thin Lizzy version. The Dubliners have a slightly different version that is also good.


The Dubliners version appears to be an Irish localisation of the Scottish song, but if wiki is to be believed the origins of the term, and elements of what became the Scottish version are a bit more complicated, and go back to Irish emigrants in the US, as well as Scotland and Ireland.


Yeah and the truth is when you go back far enough with these things nobody really knows. There are endless ongoing debates around the world about who invented certain dishes or wrote folk songs but as there’s no official register of food or music it’s difficult to prove either way.


Oooh! Listen to what I found!



Feeling 80 again…

Wait a minute…

Feeling 80´s again.


Brother of:


More importantly, written by:



(It just came on the radio, I’m not trying to tell you something.)



Jack White grew up thinking that the Salvation Army was called Seven Nation Army; hence the song title.


Jack White has stood too close to a couple of amps! :rofl:


Never trust anyone who doesn´t like Sir Paul.


The flag in your hand don’t make you American…


I have no clue why, but the SCOTUS hearings made me think of: