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What are you listening to?


C´mon. You Know you like it.


Or maybe you are more this type…


If i coul do something, anything, as effortlessly as they dance I would consider myself a complete man…

Sufice to say, i´m not.


That’s really weird to watch, because that’s not the music they dance to in the film, but it still fits the dance perfectly :confused:




Cozy Powell, Over the Top:

The things that has most impressed me about this in recent years is when I learned that apart from Cozy on drums, the only other person who plays on this is Don Airey. Who needs an actual band? :smiley:


Yes, welcome to electronic music, we’ve been doing it…since the seventies


Hmm… more like the sixties…


The new Bring Me The Horizon song!


WTF is Waylon holding?
What’s with that headstock?

Got an answer! (From Mo, for those who remember her.)

You can buy guitar necks in a zillion shapes and styles and then customize them (in this case, run them through a table saw). That is a Telecaster body and a regular scale Fender neck. It actually looks like a Tele headstock with the curvy part cut off.

Still Later:
Was listening to this and couldn’t take eyes off Belew’s headstock.


Yeah. I was blown by it too.

Whoever did it, did an Excellent work


My Friday morning alphabetical playlist…

Arc by Wilderness Hymnal - doom-laden modern prog with howled vocals. Interesting… but a bit over the top for me.

Bed of Mud by Emily Jones - I’m not actually enamoured with her voice, but I like the trippy psychedelic sound she has.

Brooks and Springs by the Clouds Harp Quartet - second movement from the Water suite by Esther Swift, which is awesome.

Cumulonimbus by the Clouds Harp Quartet - followed by a movement from Clouds. This was the first time I ever heard a concert harp being used as a percussion instrument, and it blew my mind. Esther Swift is awesome (I may have said that before).

Dawn is a Feeling by the Moody Blues - finally, something old!

Drops of the Sun by Mostly Autumn - thumping drums and soaring choruses… this is a good one to end on. Here’s a dodgy live recording…


Big mood this weekend


This one brings back memories:


The Hungarian Prom on BBC4 right now.

I almost went to London to see this. Now I wish I had :frowning:

Sarasate’s Zigeunerweisen. Maybe my favourite piece of music ever. And I’m including Deep Purple in that.


In my video game feelings.


The part of The Secret World Legends when I realized just how bad the “bad guys” are.


Long train journey to see my sister tomorrow, so I’ve been ripping some extra stuff to my mp3 player:

“West”, new album from Rachel Newton (harpist and folk singer)

“White Snake” by David Coverdale (not by Whitesnake, it’s his first solo album which he later named the band after)

“Pyramid” by the Alan Parsons Project (nuff said)

Discs 1 and 2 of “Progeny” by Yes (a 14-disc set of live shows from 1972)

I think that should give me enough variety :slight_smile:


I bought my first Cubanate album in 1997, I get to see them live for the first time tonight.

I’m very excited. :smile:


They’re high on my list of bands to see live before one or other other of us dies.

Sadly, they did two support gigs in Dublin back in the 90s to metal bands, and were ill-appreciated by the crowd and likely won’t ever return.