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What are you listening to?




I find it hard to believe teens read comics these days :confused:


“Telepathy” by Christina Aguilera. I love this song, although I discovered it through a semi-promotional choreography video featuring Yanis Marshall (he was the high-heeled Deadpool in the “Ashes” music video), Aisha Francis, and Danielle Pollanco. The dance video is fun, and everyone present is having a good time. So I’m posting both the dance video and the basic song video.


I just love Carlos. He’s got a good singer on this one!

And this one is just plain fucking epic.

I forget if I’ve posted this (probably have) - but when it comes to guitar players, most do not list Steve Winwood; and he’s spectacular.



And now i´m in a Disney OST binge…

It could be wosrt.



Still one of the most innovative bands in the world. Massive Attack. Who is investing this much effort into videos in the late 2010s? (Is 3D really Banksy?)


Reading the chapter on the Battle of the Five Armies, in The Hobbit, so this appropriate background music:


This is to amuse @davidm after the ‘Axis of Awesome’ video with the 4 chords, the Millennial Whoop.


Zeke Sky

Yesterday at 11:07 AM ·

Hey y’all. I’m looking for a black metal/death metal drummer for my side project, ogg mogg and groog. Looking for someone who:

  1. Is extremely unpredictable and unprofessional.
  2. Violent please. If we can get into actual fights at rehearsal that’s great but not required.
  3. Rageful and spiteful
  4. Willing to take part in music videos with rotten vegetables on your kit
  5. Knowledge of ancient history is a plus but not required
  6. Double bass drums
  7. Be impossible to get on the phone; responsive people are annoying
  8. Experience playing death metal/black metal is required. If you don’t have that, don’t fucking bother.
  9. I don’t do drugs, but ideally you’d be whacked out, talking to bugs bunny between songs n stuff.

If you meet these criteria or know someone who does, inbox me or tag them.


Jo Quail, who is an amazing composer and performer:

I discovered her completely by accident this year (she was the support act at a gig I was at) and bought every CD on the spot. Still haven’t been able to catch her again live, though.


Song I haven’t heard in a while:



Actually, even older artists are introducing it in their performances. Sir Paul featured it in the arrangement of “Back in the USSR” for his Moscow performance.




Playlist for this monring’s walk…

The Last Rebel by Lord, Aston, Gardner & Dyke - mixed orchestral and rock film soundtrack, no idea what the film’s like but the music works pretty well on its own.

The Source by Clouds Harp Quartet - first movement of Esther Swift’s “Water” suite. Beautiful.

Unquiet Tears by Mostly Autumn - pretty much everything you expect from post-Heather Mostly Autumn.

Back, I Command You by Emily Jones and the Rowan Amber Mill - this really makes no sense without playing the whole (concept) album.

A Pillow of Winds by Pink Floyd - Nice enough, but really you’re just filling time while you’re waiting for the almighty Echoes to start.

Any Other Way by The Zombies - almost 50 years after the band formed, they were still making new music like this…