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What are you listening to?




'm glad there’s a version that keeps the lyrics “Jew me” and “K*ke me”. , I’m Jewish. Yet MJ’s estate removing the lyrics actually is offensive to me, A Jew. Because there are multiple interpretations to what Jackson meant, and most of them are not anti-Semitic. And thus the lyrics are powerful.


Playlist for this morning’s walk…

One of these Days by Pink Floyd – This is a perfect choice for walking music, I should have just left it on repeat.

Pinus Silvestris by Clouds Harp Quartet – beautiful, complex music, would have preferred it without the vocal.

Summer Haze by Vanessa-Mae – short exerpt of Vivaldi, beautiful violin solo. Makes you want to listen to Storm straight after…

Suzanne by Leonard Cohen – but instead let’s bring the energy right down. Hmm. I love the song but this is why random play rarely works well.

The Book of the Lost Opening Titles by Emily Jones and the Rowan Amber Mill – Spoken-word intro to a concept album, doesn’t really work on its own.

The Day Begins by The Moody Blues – But this really does, the overture to one of the first and best concept albums ever. You probably know how the day ends, but here’s how it starts:


I got reminded of these today by an FB post. What I love about them is the mix of so many various styles and the fact these are massive stars in many cases doing it for free because someone at BBC Radio gave them a break. This includes the classical or jazz soloists as much as the megastars. Nobody got paid.

For the earlier one, sad we’ve lost a few of them. (On the plus side, Shane McGowan has new teeth).



Do you know the story behind that Al? That Grohl broke his leg and the Foo Fighters had to drop out of Glastonbury pushing Florence up to headline act. When they finally played last year they dropped a tribute back to her.


Wimp. I saw Meat Loaf sing with a broken leg in 1985.

(It was a terrible show, though, so maybe Grohl was right :wink: )



He did actually later go on to tour in a cast but he was recovering from surgery during the Glastonbury dates. It might have been an interesting gimmick to have an operating theatre on stage.


Please compare…



I choose this one:


The video is not available…

Well, needless to say, but I will say it anyway :smile:… I like Florence Welch’s voice. She has talent…



And now we can all die from a Sugar Shock.

You are welcome.


Mikael Blomkist did not like this one little bit.


I’m giggling so much. I’m glad I’m alone right now.


And a few seasons later…


Sorry man.
I could only put one like but it cerntainly deserved more.


The title means “Elul tune”, Elul being a Jewish month, that started tonight.