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What are you listening to?


And before anyone says anything – this is on Frampton’s own channel, so obviously he’s cool with us all listening to it for free.

But you should still all go out and buy Frampton Comes Alive now, just as a matter of principle :wink:



Did you know Sheena Easton was a very early reality star?

There was a BBC series called ‘The Big Time’ and each episode had an unknown trying out being a pop star or top chef or Formula 1 racing driver.



As I’m reading the Hobbit:


Better. Finally a version that uses Tolkien’s full lyrics. I just wish the vocalist was less screamo.


Background tunes.


Also, for the ending chapters:

Everybody talks about Tolkien and Led Zeppelin. But BG is a Power Metal legend, and they have not only this, but a whole concept album based on the Silmirillion.


One of my favorite pics. Big fan of Tolkien’s work; just happen to be friends with Mike and Uncle Walt.









The Book of the Lost, which is a weird concept album by Emily Jones and the Rowan Amber Mill, based around a series of bad horror movies they used to watch on late night TV as kids. Not really sure who I’d recommend this to, it’s kind of prog folk I suppose but probably neither proggy enough nor folky enough to satisfy either camp :expressionless: . I quite like it though: