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What are you listening to?


Another IMDb Poll Thingie! This is apparently Horrid Songs, so pick the least offensive. I had to go for Always Look On the Bright Side of Life, beating out Jailhouse Rock mostly because it’s not quite that old. But as to “signature songs”, this sucketh.



Oh well, that’s easy. I didn’t even have to scroll down, the obvious choice is right at the top of the list:


Hmm, ok there are some decent songs further down, but I stick with my choice.


Got Kerrang radio on in background and this popped up







One of the best things about that movie.



I can’t post youtube vids … All I get is posting a link.



Be on the YT site and on the video you want to share. Hit the “Share” button. Wait until the box pops up. (If you have a pop-up blocker, best to turn it off for YouTube.) In the box is a line of code, next to it it says “Copy”. Click that. Now it’s on your invisible clipboard, and should post with a good ol’ CTRL+V.

While watching a video, you can also right-click to “Show Video URL” and copy that (sometimes we have to highlight that little box first).

Try it until you figure it. We won’t laugh at you all that much!

Also - edit your post. There should be an “i” at the front of the link without a space.


I just read the note on YT regarding the specific video:

Playback has been disabled by the owner. No one can post it elsewhere.

So that is that for Suede.

On to:


The world is a better palce because this exist.



O.O!!! I haven’t heard this song in ages!


Sheena Easton at her sexiest, maybe.


I like this look for her best.


I am now listening to this, but mainly I’m posting it because I know @RonnieM is dying to hear it :wink: