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What are you listening to?







I was at this gig (though I can’t see myself):

Not in New York, despite what the arty parts of the video are trying to tell you. London, 2002.


Polly has one of the best voices ever to grace this world.


At least I hit Watch Later - and am sharing with a couple folks who like prog.






I love this “Cover”.




New mp3 player has a weird idea of how to play songs in alphabetical order. So here is a not-exactly-alphabetical playlist from this morning’s walk…

Burn by Deep Purple - live in London, 1974. best concert I’ve never seen.

Cirrus by Clouds Harp Quartet - first movement from Esther Swift’s “Clouds” for four harps. Beautiful.

High Germany by Martic Carthy - doesn’t matter how many versions of this song I hear, Martin Carthy’s voice and guitar still sounds like the right way to do it.

Lost and Lonely Heart by Dante Fox - in an alternate universe this band would have been huge stadium-filling rock stars.

Nil Se Ina La by Clannad - from when Clannad still did traditional music.

Old Shoes by Salt House - this band write their own tunes but they still sound traditional. Pretty much like this in fact:


Am I missing something? That looks like alphabetical order to me.


These sound like Pure era Godflesh crossed with Boards of Canada.
Yea, I know…

But it’s great.


But it’s not an alphabetical list of every track on the player, which is what my old player did. This new player adds the track number to the front of the title, and then sorts them. So that’s an alphabetical list of the “01” tracks on each album.

I’m not sure if I explained that very well :confused: (Or even if it was worth explaining :confused: :confused: )