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What are you listening to?



So cool. Loved Johnny Rivers in the '60’s-early 70’s - and he still sounded good in 2014 age 71. So, I’m guessing he and Jagger are about the same age?

BTW, the guitar he’s playing is same model as one of mine. That thingie on the head is a tuning device.



It must be Goth night.



I´m technically a child of the ´80… but i did not live them.

Still; this video it´s me. Cheesy, dumb and probably wearing to many costumes.

So, if the previous video it´s me, this is my sister. Stronger, faster and with an adrenaline needle stuck in her chest.






The DNA version.

She had no idea as they barely existed then but a purely acapella song is mana from heaven for a remixer, so easy.

My favourite of her songs though was always this one:

This and Luka were decent late 80s hits in the UK which is likely why the DNA chaps bought the album and found Tom’s Diner ripe for using. Finding a pianist may have cost her 3 million sales. :smile:


The first house music hit in the world. Number 1 on the UK charts in 1986. Steve ‘Silk’ Hurley from Chicago.

A year later UK DJ’s made their own number 1 and it developed globally (they seemed to like the ‘archive footage’ video, it’s cheap).


This has been stuck in my head for a while.







The Invention of Knowledge, 2016 album by Jon Anderson and Roine Stolt. They’ve basically made an album that sounds just like mid-period Yes, and it’s absolutely beautiful. The first track lasts about 25 minutes, so I know none of you are going to listen to it but here it is anyway :stuck_out_tongue: