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What are you listening to?


Two bass guitars, all the sleaze.





That’s the one song of theirs that has always kind of creeped me out.


Deep Purple, Space Truckin’, live in 1974

Er, not that one actually, that’s from California Jam, also 1974, but I was listening to the Kilburn recording on Live in London. It’s completely different from the Cal Jam version, but doesn’t seem to exist on youtube.


Same here. I think that’s why it always stuck with me.


Eric Steckel
12 mins · Los Angeles, CA ·
I got a call Monday night from my old friend Cadillac Zack (the king of the Los Angeles blues scene) asking me to stop out to the Sugar Mill and sit in with the great Albert Castiglia. I barely made it over to the venue with enough time to tune my axe and jump up on stage to close the night out. What a night it was! Here’s my solo in “Hoodoo Man” - and yes, I haven’t forgotten how to play the Blues through a clean Fender amp. :wink:




This guy has an amazing voice and the really heavy ending is just icing on the cake.


This was the best song from the best concert I’ve ever seen by the best singer in the world today.

So, to summarise, I like this quite a lot :slight_smile:



That time Captain Marvel and Superman used to date and formed the most toxic super couple in history and then formed a band with their cyborg friend.


Good times :smiley:


I´m a good person. I deserve to ve loved.

David Haler.


Also, Captain America and the Human Torch were aroud.

Now, on a more serious note.
You Can´t go rwong with Edgar wrigth´s Choosing of OST.


I listen to a lot of different instruments from around the world, and it’s always cool to find a new one. This is completely new to me, a piri from (I think) Korean. It sounds kind of like an oboe I suppose. Well, it sounds like this:

(It’s the thing that isn’t vibes or bass clarinet. The thing the woman is playing.)


The same musician also plays hammered dulcimer in a way I’ve never quite heard before:

(Just looked it up, it’s not a dulcimer, it’s a Korean yanggeum. Not sure how it differs from a dulcimer, though.)