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What are you listening to?


It’s so long ago I don’t know how many people know or ever knew ‘slippy’ was a very early 90s term in the UK rave scene to describe the confused state after dancing all night taking ecstasy. You wouldn’t be crazily hallucinating or on some massive comedown but ‘slippy’, making small cognitive mistakes caused a little bit by the chemicals but mostly lack of sleep as it was 9am and you never went to bed.

Still a great tune and Underworld’s sound system was so loud it caused it a venue’s roof to collapse.


I was never massively into the '90s dance scene but that track is great and is still massively evocative for me, it really takes me back to a certain time and place.


This came up on the office playlist three times today.


I know that song from the Trainspotting soundtrack. :wink:


It’s one of the things I always associate it with too.


That one and Iggy Pop’s Lust for Life that plays over the Choose Life monologue.






I kept skipping ahead for the vocals. I think they forgot to write lyrics? Or maybe forgot to sing them?

Never heard of them - not bad at all!

It sounds pretty similar, even if the band looks ridiculous (I’ve never been a fan of Joy Division or New Order).

Great, great track.


It’s always a bit of a shame when you only notice a band after they’re already gone again. Well, theoretically, I’ve Got You on Tape still exists, apparently, but the last album was in 2011 and I’m guessing they won’t reappear. Which is a shame because I think they’re really great. There’ve been a lot of post-Joy-Division bands like The Editors or Interpol, but this one is the first I’ve heard that I’d class post-Bauhaus.


Ya. It’s a pretty straight cover. So I’m not sure where the hate comes from.



I thought exactly the same when I discovered Deep Purple in 1984, when their last album was in 1976.

Six months later, they released the first album of their reunion :slight_smile:

On my planet, this symbol stands for “hope”:



Today I have been listening to Darkher (among other things):


Samplers and rappers can bite it. This band is well-named.

The Warning
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Matt Berry’s done a lounge/jazz version of the Are You Being Served? theme tune, part of an album of TV theme covers.


Do you want to hear Glenn Hughes cover Ronnie James Dio? No, I didn’t think I did either, but remarkably this doesn’t suck:


I had a run of that when I was in Uni, where every band I really got into turned out to have broken up or promptly broke up. Got into Boy Kill Boy (after being vaguely aware of them) and then they split up almost immediately. Tried and loved Envy & Other Sins’ first album only to find out it was their only album. Then discovered Be Your Own Pet, bought both their albums and then found up they’d split up a few months before.