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What are you listening to?


Fixing earworm.




This came through the door over the weekend and I’ve been listening to it today.

It’s a great live performance (from more than 20 years ago now!) that I already had on DVD from the early 2000s, but the audio has been cleared up really nicely for this new CD/vinyl release so it sounds great. A lot of rawness and energy, just like a good live album should have.

Oh, and I just saw that Folds tweeted this from the gig I was at in May. Great memories!


Fifty years ago today, I might have listened to this for the first time:

I mean, I probably didn’t because I was only three years old, but I might have done.


Excuses, excuses…


Current earworm



This is beautiful.

And this.



Not available in this country. :frowning:

I have seen one or two clips of him on the show though, it looked amusing.


Voulez-Vous, but I’m not sure why because it’s the worst ABBA album:


One of the greatest Irish bands ever, kinda like if Pulp were a rock band.
But better than that sounds…


Been stuck all day with this song in my head… i might as well spread the godspell.


I will take this opportunity to declare if anyone likes the Orgy cover of Blue Monday, they’re being added to THE LIST


I can honestly say I’ve never heard it.

What list do I get put on for that?


You’ll find out.



I like it.

Here it is.


Yeah fair play, that’s shit. :smile: