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What are you listening to?


“Jesus”, by Queen. Which is probably the, umm, fifth best song ever written about Jesus:


Okay. Howzabout the worst song about Jesus? (But done very well?)


A personal favorite:


Sooo I’m here at th SECC Hydro in Glasgow hosting customers at a performance by James Taylor.

I’m 38 and 11/12,s and am at least the youngest by a good 20 years.

I have actually heard of his music before so hopefully I won’t fall asleep to his lucite tones.


Went to a James Taylor concert - thirty years ago! Very mellow.

Very, very mellow.



Bonnie Raitt is opening for him.

I need a lot of red bull :flushed:


Came across this and rather violently disagreed with order, choices, inclusions … y’all know the drill. Miqque is buzzed and about to go on a rant. Hoo-raw, you betcha.

Now, obviously Bob Dylan’s Hurricane is a masterpiece of outrage, and things remain bad in New Jersey. Dylan has dozens of epic story songs, from all John Wesley Harding - especially “The Ballad of Frankie Lee and Judas Priest” - but perhaps the best-told one is from Desire; “Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts”. So there.

Now, at the #1 spot should obviously be “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald”.

There are some questionable inclusions. I have a few alternates, one obscure, one with a deep, rich history.

The obscure one. Bob Walkenhorst tells great stories.

As a borderline hippie, this one still comes around on the guitar about every Thanksgiving Day.

Possibly the most famous ghost story in a song; this one has extra verses.

This one has been around forever. Okay, 1959. But the guitars and Marty’s voice still kick ass.


I tell you what @Miqque this is actually a quality concert.
The production values are very high and the man knows how to entertain a crowd.
10 x better than Neil Young last year.
Now if only I can stay awak…zzzzzzzz


Don’t judge me:


I get quite worried when I’m not the youngest person at the gig. Like, if it’s full of kids then maybe I’m at the wrong gig :confused:


Neil heard a lot of shit about last year’s tour. Even my buddy who could buy the venue if he wanted got all agitated when tickets in nosebleed were $400+, each. Then (his sister was comped to the show) the performance was sub-par at the least.




I´ve been humming this for a week now.


Another mashup:



It’s shouty music day.


Not bad. Roomie got a DVR-VHS machine (pricey! but it was sweat equity) that he wants me to set up (which I’m in process of doing). With it he got an odd lot of CDs - but five of which are worth ripping! Original Robert Palmer (hard to find, Palmer kept screwing with the mix) and a bunch of oldies compilations. Score!

Later: Never mind. The jewel boxes were empty. Mayhap there is a stack of CDs somewhere. Did get the unit hooked up. Everything sort of works. Must confer with Roomie #2 who set up the antenna and LAN. (Right. A DVR not hooked up to cable. Ain’t mine!)

Now to see if I can “inherit” the removed gear. Could use a DVD and a VCR. And a couple speakers…


Gleb Kolyadin’s new collection of piano compositions, Poloniumcubes Four.

These collections tend to be short ideas or sketches that he’s later developed into full works, so they’re generally interesting but not always compelling, sometimes you think they could really do with a bit more development. Though it’s nice to suddenly hear a bit and go, oh yeah, that’s the middle section of Astral Architecture or whatever…