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What are you listening to?


2 Many DJ’s are the best at mashups. I loved their Radio Soulwax album. It’s the weird combos they manage to get to work like Dolly Parton and Royksopp.

This is another one with a Destiny’s Child vocal thrown in:



Is a reggae day.

Amazing concert. These are but three tunes.

Okay, four…

As a kid I got into T-Rex and Slade and such for the sound. So, got an opportunity to go see Marc Bolan’s first (and last) US Tour at the Hollywood Palladium, free. (Friend’s dad.) So first act was Manna, never heard of before or since. Second was Ballin’Jack - a one-hit wonder. We left midway thru Bolan, it wasn’t his night. But the second act? There were me and Tim and Neal, leaning center stage. And we were introduced to the Doobie Brothers. Tom and Patrick seem to be doing right well.


Finally decided on Favorite Love Song.

But I’m not bitter.


I forgot about this one.


That’s just ghastly.




I don’t like the end results, but I do admire the skill that must go into putting these mash-ups together. I can’t even imagine how you go about isolating the vocal from the instruments so you can add it to another song (unless they have access to the original multi-track masters, of course, which seems unlikely).


I used to have a fairly basic stereo decades ago that could drop out the vocals of a song from any standard CD for a sort of crude karaoke mode, so I imagine the tools are fairly common.


Went to see the Cure tonight.
They played this :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:


I’m really surprised. How can a piece of software identify one element from a mixed sound as being a voice and not a guitar or piano or whatever? It’s something that a human can do intuitively, but feels like it ought to be incredibly hard for a computer.


It was a lot more crude than that. Usually, it just took out the mids. You could still hear the vocals kind of ghosted in the background.




This is just lovely.





The best song to never be in a John Hughes movie