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What are you listening to?


I’ve gone back and rediscovered Follow The White Rabbit by Yaron Herman Trio from some years ago.

They do some nice covers too - this one was some years before Ramin Djawadi’s similar version for Westworld.


Probably this:




Probably this:


Getting pumped for the new MxPx album coming soon. I really love their EP’s. They do some great work in the shorter format. This one is a 33 1/3 RPM 7 inch too in case @davidm was interested. :wink:





This is missing some important songs from before the Holocaust, and neglects the founder of modern Jewish music,Reb Shlomo.


Interesting, but seems a bit uneven in coverage. 1000 years go past in the first minute, then the last 50 years fill nearly five minutes.


I would have included between the first two songs Kol Nidrei, from the 1600s, Pizmon Bar Yochai, and Akdamus Milin, from the 1700s, Niggun Daled Bavos and Szol a Kokas Mar, and from the 1800s Oz V’hadar.


Here’s a song from the DVD of the best concert I’ve ever seen:


“Amante sencilla” According to argentinian translators…

dear god.



This will always be known as the soundtrack to GTA: Vice City for me.