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What are you listening to?


Can I just a take a moment to re-appreciate how epic “Epic” truly is?


What is it?


It’s it


What is it?




I’m sure it’s very good but I don’t think you can call a song that’s anything under 15 minutes “epic” :confused:

This is “epic”:


Really? The label says it’s 2112.

Also, I didn’t know Rush did a fifteen minute cover of Epic by Faith No More.


All I’m saying is that it’s false advertising. I clicked on the link expecting to settle down to enjoy a 40-minute song and was left hanging. Maybe they should have called it “Quite Short”?


But the link says it’s Epic by Faith no More, and the song was Epic by Faith no More. That’s like literally what it was.


They maybe should have re-thought the title then.


I mean, if I wrote a book of short stories and published it under the title “A Novel by David Meadows”, you’d be justifiably peeved when you found out it wasn’t really a novel.


What is it?


I dunno, is “A Novel by David Meadows” also the name of one of the short stories in the collection? They’re usually named after one of the stories, after all.


It’s it!


This is probably my favourite love song

What’s yours, guys?


Cohen is great and everything but seriously the most beautiful rendition of the emotions of love is in this piece by Monteverdi, Lamento della ninfa.



Hellboy II.


Completely changed my mp3 player contents recently, so it’s probably good time for a morning walk to go through my playlist A-Z…

(I) Can, Can (You?) by Vanessa-Mae - it’s the Can Can played on electric violin ansd synthesised percussion. How prog is that?

21st Century Schizoid Man by King Crimson - The song that invented a new genre of music, and 50 years later nobody has improved on it.

A Poet’s Quest (For a Distant Land) by Vanessa-Mae - violin and choir, very beautiful.

A Thousand More Goodbye’s by Greta Salóme Stefánsdóttir - it’s just an ordinary pop ballad, but it’s a very pretty one.

Aldrei Sleppir Mer by Greta Salóme Stefánsdóttir - It’s Icelandic, I have no idea what it means, but it’s awesome.

All England’s Eyes by Magnum - Live version from 1985. If you’re not clapping all the way through this, there’s something wrong with you.