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What are you listening to?


Ummm… what is so hard to pronounce about Chvrches?

They chose the name Chvrches, using a Roman “v” to avoid confusions with actual churches on internet searches.

I would think a man of letters as yourself would understand how interchangeable u and v are in Indo-European languages. :wink:


Quoted for TRVTH!


Boy, you are nuts! N-V-T-S, NUTS!


It reminds me of all of the people who still pronounce Millar as mill-ARE like they’re a fucking pirate. :wink:


What makes me laugh about that is how they can never seem to be corrected. I know one podcast where one of the hosts interviewed him at length (at Mark’s request) and knew the correct pronunciation and still goes back to the pirate one.

It’s not like it’s a rule in any version of English or regional variation. Nobody refers to a ‘burglar’ as ‘burglaahr’. :smile:


I’m more of a fan of Alvvays:



Exactly. I’ve corrected people only to have them say, “How do you know?” To which I say, “He told me.” It was the first question I ever asked him. At least it doesn’t bother him. He’s said that it actually sounds a bit “regal”.

Just this year, I met Sean Murphy for the first time at C2E2 and told him I was with Mark Millar. His response confused me until I later realized that Mike Miller was also at the con and Murphy might not know the pronunciation.


I’m thinking it might be the “with” part.


I dunno which version I like better:

(then again, Susanna Hoffs FTW)


That is pretty clever.



My guilty pleasure recently is watching “…reacts to…” videos. I love this one. You don’t need to listen to thier commentary, just look at their faces. The guy looks completely puzzled and the woman is in total bliss. These are the only two valid reactions to Pink Floyd :smiley:


Listening to this after listening to the original by Bobby “Blue” Bland:



It seems like I’m overdue a New Music Monday. Let’s see what’s around…

This is a bit “Disney” but I quite like it:

(Hayley Griffiths, former singer of prog-lite band Karnataka.)




It’s not right, but it is amazing.


After a rough day a work yesterday, I went for a 4+ mile walk last night, with my iPhone music on shuffle mode. Ended up with an amazing mix of songs that really pulled me out of my dark mood and had me smiling for most of my walk. I couldn’t recreate the mix now if you asked me too, but I just love how music can lift me up sometimes.