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What are you listening to?


Greta Salóme Stefánsdóttir. You’ve almost certainly heard her before, but you can’t remember the song or even her name :smiley:

This isn’t the song you’ve heard so it won’t give you any clues:


Myrkur has announced a UK tour, but I’m not sure if I should go or not. I would go if it sounded like this:

But I think it’s more likely to sound like this:



Why not both?


Folk Power Metal? With a voiceover by the late Sir Christopher Lee? YES!


Cry a little. You know you want to.


Not a fan of black metal vocals at all. I admire her for being able to switch between both styles, but I couldn’t make it through a full gig of her growling and shrieking.


I’ve been listening to the Addicted album for like a day now.






I will be seeing Daemonia Nymphe in a couple of days. Never seen them before, but it should sound like this:

And might look a bit like this :open_mouth:


Okay, after listening to one tune, I’m exhausted!

Hey! Lookit what I just found! Flannel and everything! (You try this when you’re 71!)

I would also call your attention to the intro at 45:00 to “Keep On Chooglin’” and the drumming by Kenny Aronoff. Funky time signature!

Damn, I love me some Fogerty. (And that’s his son, Shane, on guitar. Check out his lead around 1:14.00)


I’d never listen to Asian Dub Foundation until today. I’m annoyed I didn’t do it sooner. Banging.


I remember seeing them at a festival around the turn of the millennium. They were on early but they had the most energy of the entire day, and everything after them felt like a bit of a letdown.


Great video.


The first album is a classic


Santana: You have had an hours-long conversation with someone before realizing it was just a pile of clothes.

This can’t be a complete list?


Some Chvrches on the turntable this morning.


I am suspicious of bands whose name I can’t pronounce :stuck_out_tongue:

(He says, on his way to a Daemonia Nymphe concert.)