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What are you listening to?



Released ten years ago today.




The rare occasion where it’s worth having a glance at the YouTube comments.



Seeing Anderson, Rabin & Wakeman tonight. Should sound something like this:


David - check out a fellow named Zeke Sky and tell me what you think.

He posted this about an hour ago.


Not a song but I don’t know how many people are into Spotify but there’s a pretty sweet offer that they’re running at the moment - £0.99 for 3 months - worth checking out


He got very impressive technical skills, but I’m not so sure about his composing ability. I’d need to hear something that didn’t just sound like random notes before I said if I liked him or not.


Spot on. I tend to like songwriting. Zeke has tech skills out the wazoo, but champagne tastes. He wants the complex compositions, but plays rock ‘n’ roll. Rather why I prefer Eric Steckel (real solid tunes) and Bonamassa - at the moment. Zeke is in a grey area - personable and very skilled, but needs a writer.


Feeling 80ish.



Just to compare to Johnny Cash’s cover.



I seem to be the only person that thinks the nin version is better…


You’re going against the Man in Black, man. That’s not a battle you can easily win.


A bit too screamo, but I enjoy the instrumentals.


I hear you and Johnny singing Johnny can’t be touched. I just didn’t think his 90s covers were very good.
His version of The Mercy Seat is flat out terrible.


Nice for listening to while reading the Arabian Nights. A slightly faster tempo and it would be like a Sephardic Pizmon.
Edit: set it to 1.25 speed, and that’s exactly what it sounds like.