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What are you listening to?


June 27, 1982 (Age 14)
Don’t You Want Me - The Human League


The #1 song in the US on September 01, 1975
Rhinestone Cowboy - Glen Campbell


On the day I was born (June 27, 1968): This Guy’s in Love with You - Herb Alpert


Mine is pretty damn cool:

Killer - Adamski featuring Seal


Late December 1972 — Billy Paul’s “Me and Mrs. Jones”


We played that as Audrey and I entered our wedding reception (the lyrics aren’t actually very appropriate because it’s clearly about having an extra marital affair but the title and main lyric worked). :smile:

My song is Let It Be. A cover of it was done as a charity single in 1987.


In the UK, my 14th birthday number 1 is Bryan Adams’ Everything I do, which I hated even back then. The US Number 1 was Unbelievable by EMF, so I’m claiming that.


Yeah that’s a very sensible call.


March. 1998.

Frozen. Madonna.

I can live with that.


The video for Frozen was directed by Chris Cunningham. He used to draw for 2000ad and the UK Aliens comics under the name Chris Halls (in a very Simon Bisley style as was the trend back then).

So we get a comics connection to your song.



I’ll take that.


Who wouldn´t?


It´s probably around, but, as ussual, I Arrived two weeks late.


Nope, that was my thought exactly when I heard it for the first time.


Huh. I don’t think so…


Even Bryan Adams fans who have never heard of EMF would do the same :wink:




I’d take the Bryan Adams track.

Mine are either Mouth by Merril Bainbridge (AU chart), Unchained Melody by Robson and Jerome (UK), or Have you ever really loved a woman by Bryan Adams (US).

Still cranking the Pusha-T album - hard to pick a highlight, but I love that in penultimate track “How do you respond”, it opens with Kanye asking Pusha how he responds to [people] talking [crap] - Pusha starts his verse.

When it ends he asks Kanye how he responds, and Kanye breaks into his “poopy scoop” stuff that got the internet bothered a few weeks back.

He then does deliver a verse, but it was a pretty funny thing the first time I heard it (I was like, “is this just what he’s going to do now?”).


I’m not sure who this reminds me of, there’s a real 90’s alt rock think going on, maybe Girls against Boys but Kelly Deal really lifts it.

Going to have to check out more of their stuff.