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What are you listening to?


Bit of a blast from the past, Bruce Dickinson’s cousin’s old band:

Never realised but the youngest Phoenix sibling, Summer, is in this video:

Holy hell, double edit, I’ve never seen this video before with remix vocals by Throwing Muses/Breeders/Belly singer/songwriter Tanya Donelly.


I love that Glover is challenging gangster rap with this (amongst other things, of course). That an entire genre of music is mostly focused on singing the praises of violence, sexism and consumerism has been taken as a given for too long.


Didn’t realise there was such a thing :smiley:

I’ve checked this list of Goth bands and I don’t own albums by any of them. This is the best I can manage:


That counts.
Have a listen to Paradise Lost if you like that kind of thing.



A Metal Band makes a Folk tune with no metal overtones. It is bliss and heaven, gorgeousness and gorgeousity made into music:


I admit when I get beaten. It took me a full day to “get” this.



Brilliant. But that sloth is giving off some real Ralph Wiggum’s leprechaun vibes.



I’ve been listening to this a lot this week, trying to convince myself that it’s as good as everyone says.

I’m unconvinced. I can see why people think it’s important, and I can see that it’s musically clever, but it doesn’t really work for me. Reich has done much more that I like more than this.


Heh. I listened to the one album by Paradise Lost I had back in the day quite a lot. My favourite song was this:

I still think they were much better than stuff like Evanescence is these days.

Also loved Fields of the Nephilim, of course.


Dear god! Evanescence shouldn’t be in the same sentence as PL :grinning:

But love the Neph. Amazing band.


Yep. But bands like them and all those operatic metal bands (Nightwish and their ilk) are perverted grandchildren of bands like Fields and PL.

On the more positive side of bands today, there’s Dark Tranquility, which I quite liked.


Couldn´t help it.


This tour needs to come to my house.

This page has the set lists and videos of “Holy Grail” (new Fogerty/Gibbons tune) and a cover of Palmer’s “Doctor, Doctor”.

(PS - Yeah, the sound sucks.)


Out of nowhere I decided I wanted more hip-hop in my life, so having revisited for a while the last such album I enjoyed (Run the Jewels 2), I sought out and have been listening non-stop to Pusha-T’s DAYTONA. It’s really quite good.

I appreciate that it’s only 7 tracks long, with a 21 minute duration. No skits, no spoken word. Gorgeous production from Kanye. I’ve listened to it 4 times daily this week (because it can run through twice on each leg of my commute).

Opening track:



Am I the only one that detects a hint of Peter Gabriel in Gotye?


In this song, sure (and massive teeth). The first hit I heard from him was decidedly different:


Now, there are many a list! Cripe! I’d have to choose between Feliciano’s ‘Light My Fire’, “Hush”, “Born To Be Wild”, “Time Has Come Today”, “Do It Again” (Beach Boys); “Magic Bus”, “On the Road Again” (Canned Heat); and “Tuesday Afternoon”. Hmmm. Actually, that’s rather descriptive! And even so, found the link below and it fed me “People Got To Be Free” by The Rascals.

What if this is the secret to life, the universe and everything?