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What are you listening to?



Same. Actually my car music player sometimes switches to alphabetical order of songs and it’s really only the Beatles and maybe Oasis where there are multiple versions of the same song to tip me off.

My track by track review is up to My Sister Lover - it’s a bit White Stripes, though from around about when that group started so no claims of Noel plagiarism can stand here. Again, this I would say sounds like Oasis more than anything else; it certainly doesn’t sound like the Beatles:


Thinking about seeing this group in London next month…

(For @RonnieM’s benefit: yes, it’s prog.)


Currently lisening to Peteris Vasks - works for violin and stiring orchestra. Beautiful music…

Prog, obviously.









One of the best soundtracks i´ve ever heard.

Top 3 with “The Mision” (Technically a Score) and “Jackie Brown”


Music for 18 Musicians, an awesome Prog epic from 1976:


Frank Turner has a new album out and it has some awesome tracks, like this one:


Always Mogwai.


This is someone who for me personally was one of the earliest and most important figures in defining the music I listened to.

The video also features Jon Lord of Deep Purple :slight_smile:




This morning’s mp3 player A-Z…

A Different Sky by Mostly Autumn - sounds like it was written in California in 1969 not York in 2009.

Above the Blue by Mostly Autumn - Heather Findlay’s best ever song.

Afterwards performed by Jeremy Irons and Paul Mann - Jeremy Irons reading poetry at the Albert Hall. That’s not something you see every day.

All Those Years Ago sung by Steve Balsalmo - Jon Lord’s later songs just seem specifically designed to make you cry :frowning: