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What are you listening to?


These sound kinda like Tori Amos fronting a post rock band.

It’s very good.



(Yes, that is a certain human-fighting Warlock in the video)


i´m not a fan of mashups, but i have a sweet spot for both of this songs.




Playing mp3s in alphabetical order on the way to work. Not all my CDs are ripped to my mp3 player so these are just from albums I’ve been listening to recently…

10,000 Locks by Plumhall (2014) - Slow country ballad, very pretty

A Taste of Honey by The Artwoods (1967ish) - Organ-led jazzy instrumental, niiiice

Al’s Party by The Artwoods (1967ish) - More guitar than organ, spoken-word vocal. “Quirky.”

All Coming Back by The Steals (2009) - ambient sounds and whispered vocals, pleasant but not all that interesting

An Englishman on Holiday by Thunder (1990) - sounds exactly how you want Thunder to sound

Anaesthetize by Chantel McGregor (2015 I think?) - slow ballad, not as much guitar as you might expect but nice cello


If I tried that on my iPod, I’d quickly come upon at least six different versions of Across the Universe in a row.


But that’s not a bad thing, right? :wink:

It only works because I have a limited set of albums on it, otherwise I’d have the same problem.


I’ve deleted those tracks so I can do this again with a new set of songs :slight_smile:

Oh no, that’s going really mess up listening to those albums now :man_facepalming:


I’d also like to point out that 50% of my sample is from the ten years, a much better average than the last x number of posts in this thread.

Honestly, you guys are so stuck in the past :stuck_out_tongue:


By new bands, playing new types of music? :wink:


Plumhall’s debut was 2014, The Steals’ was 2009, Chantel McGregor’s was 2011, so yes all are new bands from the last 10 years.

“New types of music” are very rarely created, most new music is an incremental evolution of old types.


So these are basically Prog bands that would sound like cover bands to anyone else? :wink:




If you want to define

Slow country ballad

as prog, that’s fine, go ahead. I call all good music “prog”, but I didn’t expect anyone else would :slight_smile:


Just found out who’s still performing. Had no clue!



Ask any Dynasty fans in your life who this is: