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What are you listening to?


Came up on the shuffle; hadn’t heard it in ages - great little song from Willy Mason - it’s Oxygen:

I know it’s hard to believe
But it’s easy to see that something here isn’t right
I know the future looks dark
But it’s there that the kids of today must carry the light.




This is what the bottom of the Pit of Despair sounds like.
Best played as loud as possible.


Forgot how much i liked the cinematic quality of her videos.



As terrible as it is amazing.
So painfully 80’s


Heart - Alone

This is a song I knew as a youngster but had completely forgotten about and not heard in a short lifetime - it came up on a music thread elsewhere and was back on my radar. Then over the past few weeks I’ve heard it in a shop, and then an acoustic version was on one of the music channels last night.


Great little power ballad though.



Reminded by the Star Wars thread.
This is amazing.
Enough to make him cool enough to play Landon.


The most recent 10/10 in my daily track reviews of oasis’ back catalogue - it’s Live Forever:

Just a great little pop rock song; supposedly when Noel played it for the rest of the band they didn’t believe that he’d written it; it was such a leap ahead compared to the rest of his songs up to that point, and sounded like a “proper” song. He says in the Supersonic documentary that this was where it all clicked for him, it felt like he finally had the hang of this song-writing thing.

The guitar solo at the end is a thing of beauty; it sounds like a little argument between a petulant, hyperactive guitar and a stern, authoritative one.

“This song is not a direct response to Nirvana’s I Hate Myself And I Want To Die but you can look at it that way if you want. There’s this guy coming from America full of smack and saying life’s shte. People here don’t need to hear that. To me life is f**in’ great man. Waking up in the morning was the best thing ever cause you never knew where you’d end up that night. So, man, yeah. Live forever”. Noel Gallagher.

Making it to number four in the UK chart when released, it recently topped a poll as the best British song:




Ok… maybe technically is not a music video

But C´mon!


And know, for something completely different…


John and the Sound City Players during sound check at Jimmy Kimmel Live on March 5, 2013.


This is one of my favorite songs from Hamilton to begin with and I really enjoy what they’ve done with it from there.




Album’s been out for ages, and he’s back in the studio working on the follow up, so I thought promo for “As you were” was all done - but here’s a video for another track; Paper Crown by Liam Gallagher (don’t be scared, he doesn’t appear in it):

(This was always one of the album highlights,)