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What are you listening to?


Probably true. There’s an extended playlist of songs featured in the film (but not included on the official soundtrack album) and while there are more female led songs, it’s still only a few.

Of course that was quite a macho film made in the 80s, by a guy born in the 40s, and set in the 50s to 80s (rather than a decidedly non-macho film made in 2017, by a “woke bae” born in the 70s, set in 2017).



(The fingering is a bitch and the voicing is impossible, thanky kindly.)



I just had Redbone on about a half hour ago…mojo rules.



I’ve spent the evening watching Iamthemorning’s concert live streamed from St. Petersburg. Isn’t technology awesome? :open_mouth:

Unfortunately the sound quality was poor. So this is from a different concert. The picture is a bit dodgy but the sound is better:


Is she really, though, or is she thoroughly incapable of handling not being as popular in the new millennium as the previous one? 2001 also happens to be the year Glitter was released, the exact tipping point.


I’ve worked with thousands of folks with all kinds of bipolar, and even though it’s only the most casual of observation she seems to cycle like a calendar. No condemnation at all! Mariah seems to handle it fairly well when it comes to business, but I’m betting it has a huge impact on her real life. The ‘no shit’ part is just I’m glad she’s acknowledging it publically, as that is what is going to help a lot of people - how to have a “mental illness” and thrive despite it. While Glitter was at the tipping point, that also coincides with the most typical time of ‘primary outbreak’ when it comes to symptoms - a perfect storm of chronological age, stress, and having one’s diva-dom pampered to the max.


Coachella is live streaming:


Holy cow, 16 years on -

  • it’s still great. And yeah, that is Jack White’s vocals.



Progressive, technical death metal.
I was not expecting the saxophone :open_mouth:



Needs the whole soundtrack.


This is both brilliant and well, brilliant:


The new Manic Street Preachers album, Resistance is Futile.

It’s their 13th album (their first was 26 years ago) and they’ve come off a remarkably solid recent run of 5 albums since 2007.

So far I’m not really feeling this new one. The lead single had its moments but still felt pretty forced, and not only are the lyrics on the album (written by one fellow) particularly lazy, it doesn’t seem like much effort has gone into the music which is written and developed by the other two band members.

It’s been received really well by the music press from all accounts. Maybe it’ll grow on me.

Here’s the lead single, International Blue:


The new Riversea album. I’ve been waiting for six years for them to finish it. And it’s… pretty good, but not as good as the first album despite taking six years.