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What are you listening to?



Well, I understand they are dear friends.


I’ve been listening to Boss Caine (aka Dan Lucas, aka what happens when a Yorkshireman listens to too much Johnny Cash) recently:



Passover’s over so I can only listen to acapella music until Log B’omer:




What do you say: Better than the original?



I got this today and gave it a first listen on my way into work. I like it - it’s certainly not too much of a departure for E but it feels like there’s a nice shape and progression to the album, which (as one of the dwindling number of people who like to listen to full albums) I appreciated. I think this will be on rotation for a while.




I guess “music biz news”? Posting this for a good reason.

I post this because I want to say, after forty years as a fairly decent clinician; “No shit, Mariah!”


It’s Classical Music Wednesday ™ and I shall be listening to Jon Lord’s Concerto for Group and Orchestra. The 2012 version, which is probably the most technically polished but can’t match this 1969 version when a certain guitar player refused to stop improvising and threw the conductor and the composer into a panic:

You need to watch Jon Lord’s face, he can’t decide whether Blackmore has really forgotten his cue or is just messing with them, but either way he’s going to break his fingers after the gig :smiley:


The relief that descends at about 4:17 is great.

But my favourite faces are all the orchestra musicians sitting behind the band and clearly wondering whether the whole thing is a gigantic pisstake.



I feel older by the minute.


Wouldja believe Alan Parsons is going on tour again?
Denver June 6th - another concert I shall miss.



A song I only know from Goodfellas, it’s Monkey Man by the Rolling Stones:


That soundtrack only has 2 songs out of 12 with female vocalists.