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What are you listening to?


Yeah, Moore has a history of musical performance art in various forms. I actually think he has a great voice in his own way.



Yeah, I forgot that episode. Nice homage to comics.


Both Moore and Mike Moorcock have forayed - dunno whether ever together - into music.



Alison Moyet is a G.O.A.T




This one is loads of fun. Around 1999/2000 there was a double act called ‘Daphne and Celeste’ who were incredibly young and who’s output was basically annoying school yard taunts set to music. Shit like this:

18 years later, with nothing inbetween, they have released new music that is pretty great, one single uses the word ‘heteronormative’ and it fits. I think I may get the album.


I was at the famous Reading gig with Daphne & Celeste and I always felt disappointed that it became their defining moment; as though a bunch of twentysomething men raining down bottles of piss on a pair of teenage girls should be something to be proud of.

I’ve heard a few good write-ups of the new material, I hope it works out for them.


Also out today is the new Eels album, the first in four years, which I’ve been looking forward to for a while.

(That last video just came out today. I think it’s pretty cool.)


well, maybe if everyone’s a consenting adult.


I’m really getting into Vukovi. (NSFW lyrics)


You have to suspect the organisers were aiming for that. It has a history of being a hard rock and then indie festival and they stick two teenyboppers up. They took it very well.


Yeah, they were on as the first act of the day as a novelty turn.

The people bottling them were brutal, it’s the only time I’ve ever seen a crowd hassle an act off the stage and then follow them to the signing tent to bottle them some more.


While that is horrible I do also find myself laughing at that level of dedication.




Cat Stevens… do not cry. Do not cry. Do not cry…