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What are you listening to?



This is the type of tune (Motown, Dylan, heck, let’s wake up Joan Baez) that should be all over the radio today.



Today, lots of Mostly Autumn to make sure I remember all the words for the gig tonight…



So if I told you that Glenn Hughes and Bruce Dickinson once sang You Keep On Moving, backed by Ian Paice, Don Airey and Micky Moody, would you believe me?

No, I wouldn’t either.



I hear a lot of Spirit and more especially Spooky Tooth in this - much of the mid-late-Sixties scene that had a direct impact. (My buddy Kris was to be the lead singer on “Green-Eyed Lady” but he was in a band, so turned it down. Everybody knew everybody.)


Speaking of which, did you know Mike Harrison had just died (today, I think)? :frowning:

“Mike Harrison had a girlfriend in Hamburg when I was there. We wanted to get him for Deep Purple when we started but he didn’t want to know. He is a great singer.” [Ritchie Blackmore]


No! How very sad.


My favourite singer in the WHOLE WORLD:




Dr. House first gig.


In my little world Metallica disbanded after …and Justice For All. I remember to this very day my stunned disbelief at the Black Album, when one of my favorite bands turned into a million-dollar-version of Danzig except a lot less cool, dark and menacing. Yeah, they still wrote the occasional great song in the years to come, but nothing to set my undies aflame, really. Nah, I was done with that band. Or so I thought until their latest album came out and the riffs were flying left and right, almost like in the golden days of yore. Sure, there’s a bit of filler material, but then there’s also stuff like “Spit Out the Bone”, one of the very finest Metallicats moments ever. Undies: Flame On…!


The drumming’s still pretty shit, though, but that’s Lars Ulrich to you, I guess. Part of the charme…


You said that just as I was listening to Ian Paice - hilarious!


One of the truly greats if not THE greatest. Oh well, at least Lars Ulrich’s sloppy playing is instantly recognizable and I mean this in the most respectful way. Dude’s got a style of his own and that’s quite something in its own right.


My buddy Jim, who plays bass, and I were working a bit on Cream’s “Badge”, so I called my other, buddy Tommy, who’s a drummer, to see if he wanted to sit in. He made excuses. It was until later I found out he was actually afraid of trying to play some Ginger Baker! How silly.