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What are you listening to?


Spike Jonze.


It’s New Music Monday! Today I shall be listening to Songs From the Seasons by Joshua Burnell, who is doing folk rock better than anyone I’ve heard in recent years:



Horrible old man yells at world.
It’s brilliant.




Following my review of Judas Priest’s mighty “Firepower” for Blabbermouth, having another go, 'cuz it’s that damned good…


A couple of songs by Rachel Newton from a BBC session:

I just love the fact that there’s an entire genre of music called “murder ballads” :smiley:


I first came across that term with this:



Me too , it was that Nick Cave album and the duet with Kylie Minogue that brought them into my radar.


Yes - great song.


It’s a really good album. When I first heard Where the Wild Roses Grow, I actually thought it must be traditional, was really surprised to find Cave had written it.


Another Nick Cave favourite:

(Although not exactly one you can get up and dance to.)



Another song Black Lightning turned me on to:


On my way to see H.R. from Bad Brains in a solo reggae gig tonight.


Led Zeppelin - The Complete BBC Sessions. Three-and-a-half hours of awesomeness.

Here’s one of the shorter versions of Dazed and Confused from it:


I’m listening to my favorite Deep Purple album, Burn. I love this band in all its incarnations, but this was my first DP album, plus, I’m a huge fan of David Coverdale’s vocals and Glenn Hughes bass playing and screaming and wailing, so this one, to me, is THE best…!




This is like putting the bloody batsignal on for Meadows