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What are you listening to?


The best feature of iTunes is “shuffle mode”. I have about 14,400 songs in my library covering over 100 years of music, from a 1912 WC Handy blues song to the 2018 album Ruins from First Aid Kit, crossing virtually every genre of music, which I listen to in shuffle mode at the office. Every day brings a wonderful surprise.

That’s what I am listening to.



I kinda like the live one. Terry Kath is nuts!



Best Chicago song ever!


With that, had a friend dig up this video. She’s right, I can;t take my eyes off Skunk Baxter!

Who caught the Captain Marvel lightning bolt on the guitar strap?


I occasionally do that, but I’m more of an album man. I expect songs to come in the order I’m used to (and good albums to build their own mood, which you lose with shuffle).


I do both. Shuffle on my iPod in the car and albums on the record player at home. I think the British phrase is horses for courses. :wink:


Currently listening to Bruch, Violin Concerto No.1

That’s another reason why shuffle doesn’t work, you’d get random movement of classical works out of context, and who would want that?

But, ok, for you weirdos who do that, here’s just the 3rd movement :stuck_out_tongue:



What tune do you open with?

One of my far-too-many choices.


I don´t like the video very much, but i love the song.

It has happened to me a LOT with De Rulo.




A little bit of Colombian Mad Max for you guys:


I was pleasantly surprised when it played during “I, Tonya”.

It’s a song I only know from a few years ago when there was an AV Club article about soundalike songs; one of the commenters mentioned how Green Day’s “Brain Stew” ripped of this Chicago song; I sought it out and loved it ever since. Great guitar work.

I’ve been on an Oasis kick since the Liam gig in January, so I’m doing a little formal review of all Oasis tracks - reviewing and rating them in alphabetical order (inspired by a podcast that’s doing the same thing). I’m only up to E for the reviews but have rated all the tracks; this is one of two songs to get a 2/10, and it’s the worse of the two, so IMO the worst Oasis song.

Album only track from their final album, it’s (Get off your) High Horse lady:


Just as a matter of interest, is that 2/10 in relation to Oasis songs only, and would be like an 8/10 in relation to other songs? Or do you really not like it?


I think it’s absolutely terrible, and if anything my fanboy bias is adding marks to it. By another artist it’d be a 1 or 0.


I’ve spent the last half hour with this on repeat spinning the child around in a spinny office chair.



Started looking up people connected to Sorry to Bother You. Looks like they director is actually part of a group called The Coup. Interesting sound.

The main sample reminds me of Daft Punk’s Da Funk.