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What are you listening to?


Dental plan!



This should cause some controversy. Among my favorite bass players are John Entwhistle (the OX!), Duck Dunn, Dusty Hill, Jack Bruce - and another list mixing up jazz and rock players. This is not Playboy Jazz Festival! Rock bassists, dammit!


Hard to argue with this list, since it’s not about the best bassists, but the most underrated. If it was a list of the best, I would agree with including Bernard Edwards and John Paul Jones, and maybe Duck Dunn.

The top of the Best list would have to include Paul McCartney and Tony Levin.


With that, hope most can get to this. Probably on YouTube or soon. Got to give it to Derek Trucks for the slide playing - and Anton on the skins.




This album is from last year, but that’s close enough for a New Music Monday. Winter Wilson, “Far off on the Horizon”. Beautiful acoustic music and vocal harmonies, pretty laid-back stuff, and then you get lyrics like this:


Sunday on a Monday because that’s just the way I roll.


I was listening to Warren Zevon before but now…


@Miqque, you remember when this song came out?


He wrote it!




Currently listening to this one


Black Lightning has turned me on to a lot of songs:



Also Highlander of course.