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What are you listening to?


It does not. I presume it will be on volume woof woof.

Though putting the album on stemmed from watching the video of it.




It’s New Music Monday!

Gleb Kolyadin’s new album gets better and better every time I hear it (and I’ve only been listening to it since Friday, by the end of the week my head might explode from the awesomeness of it).


Counts as new 'cause the album, Polyphonic Prayer is just a month old. This is one of the tunes.

Monday mornin’ blues!




Pearl Jam’s ‘Black Hole Sun’ just came on the radio at work, and I immediately thought;


I’ve bought two new albums this week, so I’m having a New Music Tuesday! (It doesn’t have thr same ring to it…)

Today I shall be listening to Lost on the Road to Eternity by Magnum. Decent enough rock songs, but all a bit samey and nothing especially stands out. This is probably the best of the bunch, with a lot of the “classic” Magnum characteristics…


Not to be that guy, but Soundgarden did “Black Hole Sun”.


I actually got that wrong in a pub quiz once. You’d think I’d remember after that? :rofl:


Oh, hell no! I still manage to confuse Steinbeck and Hemingway, and I know much better!


Ian Brown is the worst act I have ever seen live. That does contrast with him being an absolute musical genius. The first Stone Roses album is a thing of melodical magic. It’s incredibly rare to find a great melody on every track.

On his own:

Stone Roses:

In concert? Fucking rubbish.


I saw him with the Stone Roses at Reading in the mid nineties. It was the worst performance I have ever seen. We left to go back to our tent and could still hear him singing utterly out of key/tune/time.


Really? Red-headed Ben Steinbeck is about 8 inches taller than bald Josh Hemingway; how can you confuse them?


Forget it, Jerry. It’s Miqque.




Taken from opening credits of Nicolas Roeg’s Castaway. Always fantastic Oliver Reed, gorgeous cinematography and even more gorgeous Amanda Donohoe. But I can’t get the song out of my head.


Thanks Milos, I’m a big Kate Bush fan but I never knew that song existed until now.

Outside of her albums and her work with Peter Gabriel I only knew the track she made for the Comic Strip film ‘Strike’, which is a pretty good song even though it’s meant for comedic effect.

(The only video for this on Youtube is in reverse for some reason which isn’t great as it uses newspaper headlines as a theme)