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Grimetastic. It’s all the newish music I want to listen to.









He pulled this off very nicely. This is reportedly the song that convinced Alan McGee that he’d signed something special, and the first real song Noel presented to the band - they didn’t believe that it was his because it represented such a leap in quality and class from the really early stuff.

Live Forever, live at the 2018 Brit awards, performed by Liam Gallagher:


I saw this as it went out live, and thought it was a bit embarrassing - especially as he doesn’t seem to have the range to hit the highest notes and has to pull away during the chorus so he doesn’t actually sing the title of the song. It makes me wonder why he didn’t choose a different number.

(Maybe his current stuff isn’t well-known enough, but surely there are other big Oasis songs that he’s more able to sing.)


He never sang the title of the song, live or on the album. “You and I are gonna live forever” - that was always Noel.

(I thought the song was done for Manchester. Hence the sombre tone, and stripped back arrangement, and intro from fellow Manchester act Take That’s Gary Barlow.)

This was actually one of the better live performances of the track by Liam since the 90s.


Yes, but having him not sing that part here - when Noel isn’t around - felt odd. He was already struggling with some of the higher parts so it was clear he wasn’t able to hit the notes of the Noel part.



Well, I mean, he’s not 21 anymore. He’s smoked and drank and partied for a quarter of a century, and even his posture when singing has caused issues with his voice.

That said, he’s never been big on falsetto - even back in the day I doubt he’d have been able to sing that Noel part live. There’s one other track on the début with high parts (Up in the sky) but even in 1995 he’d drop a key or two for those bits.

But yeah, even if your’e not a fan, there are some shows from 2001 - 2006 that feature atrocious vocals. It’s referred to as Kermit. Either that or just spitting out each word, cutting them short.

Anyway - something different, an old Tom Jones fave of mine:


Polish Folk Metal:


The joys of parenting: the novelty tv program tie in album.


I trust it features Stick Stick Stick Stick Sticky Sticky Stick Stick.


“Trojan Cheese” sounds kind of pornographic…