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What are you listening to?


I love the use of that song at the beginning of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony’s Crossroads.

(Gotta love ghost Eazy E at the end who had just passed away when this video was made. :wink: )

Speaking of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony, what day is it?




The most 80s song and video ever


Adam Clayton looks (and dresses) like someone’s Granny in that video. Love it!


In that video?


Yeah, with his blond perm, his big glasses, patterned shirt and large green cable-knit sweater. If not Granny, then a spinster aunt.


No, I mean like why are you only singling that video out?


Mike Shinoda has a new EP out. I really like this song about dealing with the death of his friend, Chester Bennington.


It is an astonishing combo for a young man to have chosen, even in 1980 or whenever that was.


From the concert I was at on Wednesday:

(Well, that video isn’t specifically from the concert, but it was that band and they played that song.)



I’m going with

Def Lepperd. Not a lepperd. Not def.


with…? :thinking:

Edit: never mind, I can see your spoiler text now. I couldn’t see it before for some reason, and I thought you’d just left us hanging :smiley:


Are they highly rated? I’d consider them a bit of a cheesy ‘guilty pleasure’ type of band.

I think for that kind of thing to work you have to look at critical sacred cows. Say Bob Dylan or Pink Floyd or Nirvana or Radiohead to span a few decades.


Not so much. Longevity and a one-armed drummer seem to drive their continuing longevity.

I was more curious about the over-rated part. I rather think of KISS, but they did what they said. Maybe Barry Manilow. Don’t like him, and think he looks a bit like Phil Spector with an eating disorder. Not a fan of hype nor do I buy into it.

I guess this question is more: Who disappointed you? Big hype, bad show?


Soundgarden, but it was 1995, which was the beginning of the end (the first time, at least)


Bad show was definitely Ian Brown. The first Stone Roses album is a stone cold classic and a lot of his solo stuff is really good, F.E.A.R. is a favourite I have played many times. He was absolute gash live, he kept moaning about the audience being crap and played a barely audible 15 minute version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

He had the easiest crowd to please of massive Stone Roses fans and they were throwing bottle of piss at him by the end.


It’s the second New Music Monday of the year, and today’s new album is Bright Field by the Rheingans Sisters, which is just stunningly good:


If you define “over-rated” as “sold shedloads more albums and concert tickets than their talent should allow”, then yes, they’re good candidates. They filled arenas for the best part of a decade and sold well over 25 million albums. I’m not sure how :confused:

Though, who am I to belittle their talent? I’ve just read an interview with Joe Satriani where he raves about how great a guitar player Phil Collen is. Joe Satriani!!!


Deep Purple in 1993.