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What are you listening to?


Some days you just have to listen to Nightwish :slight_smile:


Every year in late January national youth radio station TripleJ has its Hottest 100 countdown music poll of the best songs from the previous year; wife and I don’t keep up with that station anymore so don’t know all of the songs that made it, but we tuned in several times throughout the day and found it pleasant enough.

TripleJ’s sister station, DoubleJ caters to a slightly older crowd and for the past few years they have played the hottest 100 from 20 years prior on the same weekend - we listened to that yesterday (so, the best songs of 1997).

I hated this track at the time, now I’m sad I didn’t take the advice - I was tearing up a bit - “Everybody’s free (to wear sunscreen)”:

I’ve always loved this track (and the video) - “Ashes to ashes” by Faith No More:

Silverchair sounding like Led Zep, with “The Door”:

Here was the full list (there is a local bias, so ignore the green rows):


My wife’s a big Powderfinger fan, and I think she quite likes JC as a song, so there’s one international upvote.


It’s the first New Music Monday of the year! The new album from Salt House has arrived, it’s called “Undersong”, and it sounds a bit like this…


Thanks to this year’s Royal Rumble:


Just in case anybody needs the soundtrack to tomorrow’s SotU:




I always liked the use of Crimson and Clover in the bridge of this song.


Evidently, Chris Stapleton was on SNL last week with Sturgill Simpson backing him up.


That moment when an artist you really like releases a song to announce a new album and you really want to like it but you keep remembering that you didn’t really rate the previous couple of albums and you try to put that out of your mind but that niggling doubt is still there in the back of your head and unfairly taints your opinion of the new song.



  • The Beatles at Abbey Road
  • U2 in downtown Los Angeles
  • Other (please tell us!)

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As inspired by the Jack Ryan TV show trailer.

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I just heard that this morning on the drive into work!


You are moving… you can´t help it… admit it.



My wife and I often confirm we accept the other’s version of events by singing “OK, I believe you” in the style of Shake Senora