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What are you listening to?



This Video is HUGE in Latin America… i´l always wondered if that is the same in the rest of the World.


Right now I’m listening to what might be the smoothest song in rap (and is certainly UGK’s best):

But the smoothest song in any genre is probably:



I’ve always liked it. The imagery in the video was based on the film Altered States.


This is the support act from Sunday’s concert. Every sound comes from a single electric cello with loop pedals. Amazing compositions:


That’s a legendary video and has been since it first came out in the 80s. It’s one of the greatest music videos of all time.


And this is (part of) the main set from Sunday. The first song is the only one all night that I knew – it’s a Child ballad, “The Daemon Lover” (though I think she called it something else when she introduced it) – everything else is in Swedish or Norwegian or Danish and I haven’t got a clue about any of it.


Isn’t it about time for another ska revival? I listened to a lot of 3rd wave and loved the energy. It’s also really great live.


It’s ridiculously clever in both concept and execution. Never mind music video, it could stand on its own as one of the greatest short films of all time.


Yeah when I was a youngster it was a video looked at with some awe and the best thing is it still stands up. The concept is great.

Money For Nothing was another that excited around the same time with its 3D graphics and it really doesn’t. You could probably make it at home nowadays fairly easily.





My wife is a big Jack White fan, and when that song came out we made a joke out of the title, swapping it into the Oubliette line from Labyrinth (Do you know what an Oubliette is? It’s where you put someone to forget about 'em).

Later, we looked up the word and it turns out it’s a quarantine house for sailors, and as such could be used for the same function as Hoggle’s definition…



On the heels of Neil Diamond’s announcement comes this news from Slayer: