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What are you listening to?



Superior cover:


Back on my Oasis kick lately; even if you’re sick of this song the live version from Knebworth with John Squire is amazing if only for the extended duelling guitars outro from the 6 minute mark.


That’s the first time I’ve ever heard the original. This is the version I know:

Surprisingly similar, I think.


Listening to Florence + The Machine’s first album for the first time in a while and once again struck by how good The Drumming Song is. Well, the whole album, really, but this one especially.


I’m going to Leeds on Sunday to see Myrkur in concert.

Oh God, what have I let myself in for? :scream:


Need a favor. Those with access to YT, would you please do a “like” and “subscribe” thing for my li’l sis Jen? YouTube is going to cut off monitization for folks <1K, and Jen is about 20 short. Twenty! Pleading blurb:

Thanks to Alice + Pi for pointing this out: next week YouTube is shutting down monetization for anyone who has less than 1000 followers. Won’t you help a girl out? NEW FJ MUSIC coming in 2018! New songs! New gigs! New album! Be the first on your block! Click subscribe here:

Jen is a supporter of indie music, big time, and has performed since before exiting the womb. (Apparently, according to her mom [my 2nd mom] she was playing drums.) She was conceived when her dad was on tour with Jose Ferrer in Man of La Mancha. Works for Mark Burnett (mostly Shark Tank) doing something important for a lot of years.

C’mon, kids! It’s free! You don’t even have to listen to the tunes!

No flannel!



Done. She’s got a good voice :slight_smile:



Atomic Blonde brought me here.


Cheesy 90s soft-rock (?) time - this came on my music shuffle in the car and I did get into it:

Hootie and the Blowfish, with “Hold my hand”:


My wife like to play this game we call “Hootie or Darius” when a Hootie and the Blowfish or Darius Rucker song comes on the radio.




Still listening to Myrkur, the Danish black metal band I’m seeing tomorrow:




And apropos to their opponents:




I’ve been on a massive KMFDM kick…


Uriah Heep’s “Look at Yourself.” And I’m not even stoned…