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What are you listening to?


Much as I scoff at the 90s for being a musical wilderness, there was in fact some exceptional music being made then. So here are three songs from 1998 that I do know all the words to :stuck_out_tongue:

Mostly Autumn, Heroes Never Die, from their debut album:

Bob Catley, Fear of the Dark, from his first solo album:

Deep Purple, Watching the Sky, from their, uh, 16th studio album:


Coming up. Wishbone Ash? Really? Friend Eric Steckel is playing. Me? Not going to Ireland - but I’d like to be able to!


Well, just to make some waves reganding the “Lana del Rey” Affair.






Had a recommendation to check out a new(ish) Swedish band called Blues Pills. They’re not bad, a bit too generic to really stand out, but their heart’s in the right place:




Just couldn’t bear to put it in a political thread.


A tune to just close your eyes and listen.


If you like Death cab for Cutie you should check this lot out.



And Rebekah Del Rio’s Spanish-language cover from Mulholland Drive:


This is really powerful to watch, when you know were Sir Paul’s performing:

(Though the fact that his back-ups are making MJ noises is annoying.)


A little GotGv2 soundtrack tonight.


They still make records!? For new music!?