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What are you listening to?


Fish made Charles Manson look normal. Don’t read up on the case. It’s too sick. That first sentence is all you need to know.



Oh, I read it. Interesting stuff.


For my prog-metal guys and gals out there.



To get over the disgust of reading about Fish (Who’s there knocking at my window?/The owl and the Dead Boy/This night whispers my name/All the dying children!..A nightingale in a golden cage/That’s me locked inside reality’s maze/Come someone make my heavy heart light/Come undone, bring me back to life/A nightingale in a golden cage/That’s me lock inside reality’s maze/Come someone make my heavy heart light/It all starts with a lullaby) and for the fact that we just went through blizzard (Virgin snow beneath my feet/Painting the world in white)


Name the Movie.




The new Body count album is a load of fun.


The is one of those 10/10 songs, a stone cold classic - Under the Milky Way by The Church:


This was just played on the radio.

And then they told us it was released 20 years ago. Then they proceeded to play a bunch of other stuff that’s 20 years old this year: Massive Attack, Manics, Fatboy Slim.

I can’t actually handle it. There’s no way that was two decades ago!!!


Funnily enough I was just reading this article on it:

The radio may have got it from there (Walesonline is part of the Mirror group so often ports non-local stories across from there).


It was Liz Kershaw’s show. I don’t know how she researches her show or puts her playlist together so it’s entirely reasonable it came from here. She was going to go back further - 30, 40 and 50 years - for other songs/albums but I’d turned the radio off as I was leaving the room.

Having a digital radio in the kitchen has been the best investment I’ve ever made - it’s always on and makes doing the dishes, cooking and other chores much more enjoyable.


We’re the same. My wife likes to keep it on Absolute 90s, so you can always guarantee some kind of nostalgia hit (as well as some often pretty good music).


Oh no I won’t :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes but to be fair the article is aimed at normal people. :wink:


It’s UK-centric but I knew most of those songs.

I went to Liam Gallagher’s gig on Thursday night - he put in a good show (quite a short set though) and the venue was the busiest I’ve ever seen it.

The concert venue was the Hordern Pavilion which is right next door to the Sydney Cricket Ground, at which an Ashes test (sorry USA folks, I can’t really explain it) had completed just an hour before the gig so there were a lot of sozzled Brits on hand before the set even began.

The gig was sold out, and there were a lot of young people there which I guess is good. The pre-set DJ built the mood well - this (A town called Malice by The Jam) -

got people moving about. Then with this (I am the Resurrection by The Stone Roses) -

the standing area was filled, everyone singing along, arms aloft for the chorus. The the lights go down and we get the best Oasis gig intro music (and a great track in its own right - F***in’ in the bushes by Oasis, famously used in the boxing scene from Snatch):


I’m taking this as a compliment :heart:


Lara St. John has just randomly released a video of a movement from a Bach partita. Now I feel I need to spend the day listening to all of them again…