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What are you listening to?




This doesn’t help.



Huey Morgan played a bunch of Motorhead and Hawkwind songs on BBC 6 Music to mark two years since Lemmy’s passing. Closed off the section of the show with Ace of Spades which should be a horribly cliched thing to do but, because it’s such a ferocious song, it transcends the label of cliche. Also played the Motorhead cover of Bowie’s Heroes which works surprisingly well as a metal song with Lemmy’s vocals.



Noel covering the Beatles’ cassic - guitarist Gem even recreates the screwed-up guitar solo (and there’s an Easter Egg at the end):



Yes! Friggin’ awesome!


This song is in Neo-Aramaic, and ancient Aramaic used to be and still is a Jewish language. Parts of Tenakh are written in it (parts of Ezra-Nehemiah, parts of Daniel, one verse in Jeremiah, two words in Genesis) as is most of the Talmud, all of the Zohar (The main text of Kabbalah) and the famous Kaddish prayer. It replaced Hebrew among Jews at the time of the last book of Tenakh; Jesus spoke it; it is the language of “talitha cumi” in Mark 5:41.


Just receiving 2018 in Argentina.

Let´s start with the right foot.



Nine Inch Nails - Broken (on vinyl)
Haven’t been listening much in recent years, but sucked right back in.

At a friend’s place, he showed me all the songs on one side, a spiral etch of lyrics (? we think, no one grabbed their reading glasses) on the other side.


What’s on the B side? The EP again, or just Physical and Suck? IIRC some versions of the original had them on a separate 7", while others had them on the B side.


No, that pic I posted was the B side. Everything on the A side, smooth surface on the B side with that spiral etch. You could see it was letters (lyrics?) but he just got it and wasn’t so much into alcohol mixed with over analyzing.

Waitaminute. I don’t remember hearing Physical and Suck.
I have to ask him tomorrow.

(I’m just home and it’s 2am something. Yay!


I am a native Philadelphian, and will always be, even if I’m in New York, and my birth city, this song is associated with New Year’s Day.




RIP Grace Budd
Burn in Hell, Albert Fish.
:cry: :cry: :cry:


Not familiar with this case - reading up on Wiki there’s a comic book connection:

The defense’s chief expert witness was Fredric Wertham, a psychiatrist with an emphasis on child development who conducted psychiatric examinations for the New York criminal courts.