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What are you listening to?



That can’t be right; Chrissie says her city was Gone.



Interestingly enough, that song was written about Akron. :wink:


Deadly to all survivors of the planet Akron? :open_mouth:


Father John Misty. I ended up buying 3 albums of his after hearing him on SNL


Myrkur is playing two acoustic shows in the UK in January. I’m tempted to try and see one of them…



Xander Harris.
Saw him with Mogwai and if you’re into synth projects, get on it.




It’s almost that time of year again.


I don’t know if you know but he did a soundtrack to Snow Crash.



Christmas playlist:



I’m watching a documentary on BBC4 and they use a lot of movie soundtracks. I spotted Hans Zimmer’s ‘Batman’ themes but then they played some John Barry and I’m damned if I can figure out which film it’s from.

I thought it might be from ‘Raise the Titanic’, which is an ill-remembered film but Barry’s score is excellent;

Nothing in that suite matches the documentary though.




This is my Christmas message to everybody:


That Benny Mardones track is so inappropriate… but strangely so 2017. It could be Roy Moore’s theme song. I know it from a c1990 cover version that was tacked on to a compilation cassette I received as a gift. These compilation cassettes or CDs would have a bunch of recent hits (from the one label), and then a few oddities from the same label.

She’s just sixteen years old - “leave her alone” they say
Separated by fools, who don’t know what love is yet.