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What are you listening to?


REM did break up though. :wink:


The main reason that U2 are still together is because Bono is desperately trying to find the aged portrait of Larry Mullen Jr, so he can use it to try and regain his lost youth.


I am aware of that; I used them as an example of how I think U2 will end it – as opposed to how the Gallaghers ended Oasis, or how Townshend and Daltrey ended The Who (hint: they didn’t, yet)


Yeah, I kind of can. Yiddish is very close to German and sounds a bit like a dialect. But like you say, the pronunciation is a bit difficult sometimes; I understand more of the song when I read the lyrics.


Yeah, the song has a lot of Hebrewisms, and also, Yiddish lacks Ich-Laut (see Ich being pronounced as Ikh), except in the word “Nisht” which corresponds to “Nicht”, though that’s gone further and is pronounced with an English Sh/German Sch sound, and some people say it’s a borrowing from Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Dialectical “Nischt”.Also u-umlaut is pronounced as German I and o-umlaut as German E, and grammatically, it’s weirdly had some parallel development with English- ein becomes a, ist became is etc.



In all seriousness I have often heard the reason U2 have avoided a lot of the fractured nature of many bands is they signed an agreement at the start that everything is split equally. Communism works!


Queen started doing something similar in the 70s, where they made sure that at least one song each member wrote was on a single (either as an A-side or B-side), because the writer of a track on a single got a higher share of royalties.


I believe at Jim Morrison’s request, everyone in the Doors got songwriting credit as he thought everyone’s contribution was equally important to each song.


I think you’ll find The Doors were quite a short lived band.


I piddled with a banjo a bit, but Not. Like. This.


I downloaded the new U2 album the day it was released, but haven’t given it a proper listen (with headphones and no distractions) until my evening commute tonight.

It’s actually very good. Possibly extremely good.



I have a new definition for awesome:


That’s a real testament to the power of those songs. Even in its raw mix the opening verse to We Are The Champions makes the hairs on my arms and neck stand up.


There was this Gregory Porter presented documentary on voices on BBC4, found it on iPlayer a couple of weeks back, dead good - it mentioned these versions, that it gave you a new appreciation of Freddy’s ability.

Stumbled on them by chance today and made the link.

Porter was right! They really do.


Great Women: Chrissie Hynde.


Another Akronite. :wink: