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What are you listening to?



Just saw Devin Townsend last night with Clutch, The Obsessed and Sons of Texas…so now I’m indulging in more DTP.


A Yiddish Channukah song:


@Lorcan_Nagle - I really liked this song Reznor did with Dave Grohl and Josh Homme for the Sound City documentary. It has a similar feel to Copy of a to me.

Edit: Damn, that’s the one w/o vocals. Lemme see if I can find one with vocals.

Here it is. It’s mostly Grohl but there is just such a groove to the song. It was by far the best thing to come out of that soundtrack.


New Decemberists song, with lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda:


By far. Thanks for reminding me of it!


My albums of the year, if anyone feels like reading more EOTY stuff.


How have you already heard the music of 2107? :wink:


I’ll take 2107 over most of the crap - or crap attached to it - that came out this year. I’m still not over Bowie.


Oops!! :rofl::rofl:


This year has been amazing for music…


I love this Metallica cover of the Irish folk song.







@Christian, Do you understand the song? As I’ve said before, Yiddish and German are usually mutually comprehensible; my father once worked on a project with a German Coworker, and he said that when they didn’t want people to understand them, the German would talk to my Father in German and my Father would speak to him in Yiddish; Also pre-war, their were some who considered Yiddish a dialect of German, with Germans sometimes calling it “Judendeutsch” and some Jews calling it “Lashon Ashkenaz”, the same word in Hebrew and Yiddish for German (This was dropped because of the Germanophobia that developed among Jews after the Holocaust- which still exists today- many Jews will not buy a VW or a BMW, even used, and some MKs left the Knesset building when Merkel gave a speech their in German saying that it"“will create a kind of electric wave when Jews will hear the sounds of the German language, they’ll remember the Holocaust.”) However, Oysher, being from Moldavia is using the Southeast Dialect, which is different from the standard Northwest-Central dialects, which is what my Father had learnt, and which is the Yiddish I learnt and I have trouble myself understanding the Rabbi of the Synagogue I go to’s sermons, as they are in SE Yiddish (though much thicker then Oysher’s who seems to be mixing SE Yiddish with the more common NE Yiddish), and SE Yiddish contains such things as u being pronounced like ee- the standard Yiddish word corresponding to German Von, “Fun” is pronounced as “Fin”, for example.


It surprised me that U2 is still around. Came across a recent live version of Where the streets have no name a while back and they sounded like a bad U2 cover band.


Even the “free” iTunes album made it to the top 10 around the world, and the associated tour earning them $150m in 2015.

It will be big news when they break-up or retire.


Not likely that they will break up – there doesn’t seem to be any tension between band members; more likely they will bow out gracefully like R.E.M.