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What are you listening to?


Willie’s almost a decade older and still sounds great. :wink:


That’s one hell of a set list!


And it boggles the mind how many Beatles, Wings, and solo songs he DIDN’T include in the set.


The only thing I kept expecting but didn’t get was “Got to get you into my life”. I could have but didn’t peek at the setlists from the previous shows - there are slight changes each night though.


From the Channukah Lighting Ceremony:
Greeks gathered against me
Then in the days of Hasmoneans,
And breached the walls of my towers
And defiled all the oil.
But from the remnant of the cruses
A miracle was done for the rose-like ones
Men of understanding, eight days
Established for song and jubilation.



Have yourself a Happy Hannukah - the only thing lasting longer than the oil is the list of variant spellings!



I have an intense and deep relationship with Jackson’s Night and Day.
Genius landmark album.

(Note: Should be played on a very good system, and LOUD,)



Ever since he tried to associate the Holiday with poop-eating deer, in a certain animated movie that I will not name, I’ve had a restraining order against Sandler’s Hanukkah related works.



Because of the election:



Let me take a short ride on this Thanks Alabama train.


New Barbarella comic in the Shelves, so…




Finally got around to buying Vanessa Ondine’s album. It’s pretty amazing. Partly Kate Bush, partly heavy metal guitars. Except on this track, which is neither of those things but has a cool video :smiley:

(She says she was covered in bruises after making the video.)


This popped up on the radio and the second verse sent me time traveling.