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What are you listening to?



I got spanked! :laughing:

Look at you, tryin’ to walk on the wild side. We said once per day.


Okay, okay! Go vote! Vote for The Zombies! So close, and still touring!


Not wanting to rain on Miqque’s parade, but this is what respectable rock bands think of the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Fame:

(HOF induction acceptance speech by Alex Lifeson of Rush)



Go ahead - I hear it’s always sunny in Cleveland.

I voted for:

Dire Straits
Moody Blues
Nina Simone
The Zombies

Bon Jovi is a lock. The iffy vote is between Judas Priest and the Zombies. Who had the most lasting impact?


I find your lack of Depeche Mode disturbing.


They’ve got next year. Zombies are at the end of their tether, as is Ms. Simone. I want Pirate Jenny in the Hall!


You’ve got that one all wrong. It’s rarely sunny in Cleveland. :wink:


Odessey and Oracle is apparently Dave Grohl’s favourite album, and he’s on the HOF committee, so…


He may be thinking of Philadelphia.


I really try not to think of Philadelphia…


Ummm…Miqque, you do know that there’s a proud native Philadelphian here?

“Is Ephraim as precious son to me, or a delightful boy, that when I speak of him I surely remember more and more? Therefore my inner self yearns for him, I shall surely be merciful on him says the LORD”

-Jer. 31:19

“A voice is heard from the heights…Rachel weeps for her children”

-ibid. 14

I was doing Jer. 31 in Nakh (Tanakh without the Torah) study today.



Dammit Heather Findlay has announced a gig next Friday and I have other commitments and can’t figure out any way to get there :frowning:


I’m sold - the new Noel Gallagher album is really quite good, despite being a significant departure from anything Oasis or he have done before. I’d put it largely down to the producer (David Holmes) who prefers to get involved in the songwriting process; he’d been approached by Noel for the previous album, but the demos Noel provided were fully fleshed out songs - Holmes wasn’t having it - “These are finished. Come back to me in the studio with no songs. Bring a guitar you don’t normally play, and an effects pedal you’ve never used.” Noel works from noon until 6pm, at which point Holmes was free to do what he wanted with the tracks for the rest of the night.

It’s a very dance-album, fairly 80s sounding, kind of French - no real guitar solos; some tracks you can’t even hear a guitar which is a big change as the creation of most of Noel’s songs would start with him and an acoustic.

The lead single (Holy Mountain) grew on me - whistle sampled from an old 60s pop track, a bit of Plastic Bertrand, dense, colourful sound. You can dad-dance to it!

The opener Fort Knox was inspired by Kanye West’s Power - it’s light on lyrics; with a big beat:

Today, this is my favourite track - If love is the law:

Guitar and harmonica from Johnny Marr. Great melody!



Liam Davison’s one and only solo album, A Treasure of Well Set Jewels. Always a great guitar player, he surprised everybody by also being a great songwriter:

Liam died last month. No idea of the details – his family and bandmates kept it private – but he was only my age. It’s been a horrible year.




This song always make me wanna drink… or see an Edgar Wright movie.