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What are you listening to?


Good thing I didn’t bring up the lyrics to Wrapped Around Your Finger then…


So I learned something new. While I Drove All Night was written for Orbison and he was the first to record it, Cyndi Lauper was the first to release it and Orbison’s version was released posthumously.

I think I still prefer the Orbison version. I had forgotten that it had Jason Priestly and Jennifer Connelly in the video.



You joke, of course. There are five extremely talented musicians there.

(Four members of Led Zeppelin and Stevie Wonder.)


This was the song my wife and I danced to at our wedding reception. I prefer the Ewan McGregor/Nicole Kidman version but there’s not a clean version from the film of that one. This one is still pretty damned good. It’s amazing how much more the song means to us even now.


Great song. It’s one I enjoy playing on the piano.


Pretty much all Police lyrics are really dark.

Strangely that’s made me think they have something in common with The Smiths in the sense that they often wrote tunes that were upbeat and jaunty but the lyrics were anything but.


“I guess you’d call it suicide
But I’m too full to swallow my pride”
– I Can’t Stand Losing You


The Police are like the deepest Goths, only on Prozac and dressed by their parents.


Apparently, this is some obscure Italian band, but I just cant’ get it out of my head. What I loved is that Argento used heavy metal music during murder sequence as well as baddie going after the main heroine.


this is the entire album. so it goes for over a hour,


Okay cover



This isn’t about what I’m listening to, just about music, since there’s nowhere else really to post it.

Apparently Warped Tour is coming to an end next year, as it was just announced today. Though I haven’t connected with the bands that play on that tour in years, it still meant a lot to me. My first ever concert was Warped Tour in 2000, and it had a pretty huge impact on my life. I went three or four times after that, and always appreciated how they kept the show affordable for kids. I think the first time i went, tickets were about 20$, and there was something ridiculous like 50-60 bands playing.

What a bummer :confused:


Our Shirl, pretty much perfection.




I’m far more familiar with the Tom Jones version, having grown up with a part-time Tom Jones impersonator as a father:



I’m not a Franz Ferdinand fan but this new tune has been getting a lot of airplay and damn, it always make me shake my hips when it comes on.