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What are you listening to?


I forgot to post this yesterday, but this is honor of their drummer, Jerry Fuchs, who died in a freak accident. Yesterday marks eight years. They got me through some rough patches in college. Grooooove in peace, Jerry.


Waitrose Rap from Goldie Looking Chain.

Stannis would approve of these lyrics:

“Ten items or less
Were you born in a sewer?
Correct grammar should read
Ten items or fewer”

@Todd will like the backing track.



Just came on the radio.


I think I’m headed up the country…

This was a theme song for a while.

and country always leads to the blues…


A song I only know from when Noel Gallagher appeared on a local cable music show where he had to pick a dozen music clips to play - this INXS song is pretty much all hook; Baby don’t cry:

(I’m sure it was just a token “gotta pick something Australian” effort, and also maybe because he felt bad about calling Hutchence a has-been at the Brit Awards.)



It’s getting to that time again, the work Christmas party (December 1), for which I organise the music via a ballot. Staffers had two weeks to submit song choices, and this week everyone can vote on each track (love/hate/meh) - I’ll tally them up and arrange them in a sensible, logical order to be played on the night.

Sadly this means I will have to listen to a lot of bad stuff. Luckily the worst suggestions won’t actually get many votes - so far it looks like the person who suggested Bette Midler’s “Wind beneath my wings” was also the only person to throw a “Love” vote its way. Ditto Celine Dion’s “I drove all night”.

Topping the list so far is The Cure with “Friday I’m in love”, A-ha’s “Take on me”, and “Staying Alive” by The Bee Gees. “Hey Ya!” is up there too.


Sometimes you make this too easy


I’m pretty annoyed about The Cure being there, yeah.


You do seem to be allergic to talented musicians, so it’s understandable you’d be annoyed.


For what it’s worth my five nominations were:

Lorde - Green Light
Lady Gaga - Bad Romance
Beatles - Come Together
Stevie Wonder - Uptight
Led Zep - Good times bad times

Not a talented musician among them, sorry @Lorcan_Nagle

Other noms included:
Barbie Girl
The boy with the arab strap
Freak on a leash
All DJ Khaled songs


That’s a confession, right there.


If it would have won, I would have just subbed in the Roy Orbison version.


Incredibly creepy lyrics either way.


Most love songs are. Every Breath You Take being among the worst.

I’m also thinking that I should probably ditch my plans to drive all night tonight to get to you. :wink:


To be fair, Sting deliberately wrote it to be creepy.


Because someone who insists on being called Sting is inherently creepy? :wink:


Well, let’s look at the evidence:

Every Breath you take - 'nuff said

Don’t Stand so Close to Me - it’s about a teacher being attracted to a student. Sting was a teacher before he became a pop star

Every Little Thing She Does is Magic - and I quote:


Dude. Sting’s starting to give me some serious heebee jeebees. :wink: