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What are you listening to?


When I first heard this song I didn’t appreciate it. Now that I’ve listened to it again, it’s my favorite song on No Grave But The Sea and is one of the best Alestorm songs. It’s about the Pseudo-Scientific Time-Cube Theory, which is also Anti-Semitic, Anti-Religion, Anti-Christian and Homophobic, but a close examination of the lyrics show it to be a subtle parody of the theory, rather then embracing it. And, Hell, silly subject-matter for song’s is Alestorm’s specialty. And for what should be just another of their “Silly Songs” actually has poetic lyrics. Besides, the sound mixing is the one of the best I’ve heard on any metal song.



Alt rock meats post hardcore.
Brilliant, melodic yet heavy stuff.



I’ve been having a bit of a Marillion evening. As one does.


I Could listen this on a loop like, for hours.

Brillant Show too.


This again:



Good version.


This just came on the radio:

Man, I love this lyric:

I go and flow and grow to let you know
I damage ya I’m not an amateur but a pro-
-fessional unquestionable without doubt superb
So full of action, my name should be a verb


Go baby, Go, go.


Triying to be eclectic.


For some reason I was on an old school kick…


Can never go wrong with some Santana!


Have to admit… Aubrey got those eyes.


Agreed! Sadly I only have that one album, but I intend to expand my Santana familiarity soon. I know there’s a huge back catalogue to discover!




You might want to start with Sacred Fire: Live In South America.



Found a reissue of Cozy Powell’s 1979 album Over the Top, which I haven’t heard for decades. It’s still bloody impressive:

(If an 8-minute instrumental is too much for you, just skip to around 3.30 where the drum solo starts.)