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What are you listening to?


One thing I loved about British music when I was growing up was how ethnically integrated it was compared to most. I don’t quite know why but from the start the musical side (if not all the people by any stretch) went full on to intergrate.

One of my top 3 bands ever, Massive Attack:

I still don’t know if Robert ‘3D’ Del Naja is really ‘Banksy’. :smile:


Now, if you want -and have some cash - these boys will come to your house and play. Preferably if you live in Kansas. Looks like the band may not tour any more. They toured a lot in Sweden and Norway and such - general Scandinavia. (Has that survived political correctedness? Scandinavia? Or have I stepped on my fingers again?) Anyhow, Bob would come to your house and play. Me, I’d like that. So, cool little tune to celebrate however damned long I’ve followed this band. Great tunes. Follow along the YT link to their Thanksgiving concert from 2013 or so - one of their best shows, with great sound. It’s not complicated music, it’s not supposed to be. Think-rock, maybe. Songs about ideas and stuff, mostly.


Sir… Yes. Just, yes.


New album by Bella Hardy. It’s a bit disappointing, to be honest. She’s a good folk singer, but there’s barely a folk influence to be seen anywhere here. It’s all soft rock and pop. It’s all a bit bland and forgettable:

Compare it with this, and it’s no contest:


I’m a sucker for Taylor Swift. Add a cyberpunk themed video and I’m definitely there.


God, I haven’t looked in on this thread in ages. I’m currently doing a lot of desk work, so I’m on a bit of a spotify spree. Currently listening to Eels’ last few albums.

I’ll also listen through some of the clips posted here. I have to catch up on a lot of stuff.


20 years old today and still stunning.


This line has just been stuck in my head:

If I saw you on the street, will I have you in my dreams tonite?



That video used to prompt my brother in law as a child to lick the TV screen.

I’m still thrashing that Miike Snow song posted upthread, but also this - it’s Post Malone with Congratulations:


Hear me out…Tool…lullaby renditions…they’re so dang good. In a lot of ways, they’re kinda creepy. This version of Schism feels like I should be in an ice cavern in a Final Fantasy game or something.










The most beautiful acoustic guitar player I’ve ever heard: