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What are you listening to?


Thanks to a certain trailer:



What a crazily catchy tune - the guy behind this is behind Liam’s album; it all makes sense. It’s Genghis Khan by the band Miike Snow:


Never heard of them before but that was a great song and video.


He’s changed his style a lot :open_mouth:


Such a beautiful song. I always find it moving.


Mick Karn on bass, Phil Collins on drums.




Christ…Shania Twain on the listening to thread, is there any way back from that?

Feel the need to balance it out with techno.



The new Gary Numan album is totes my jam this week:


But it’s not one of her crap ones, it’s her good one!


No such animal exists. :wink:



I’ll give it a listen


We can use metal to try any wipe the stain clean as well.


I bought this single on 12" in Woolworths in Pontypridd for 99p, solely for this Orbital remix on the b-side.


For @Jim. :wink:

More seriously, I’m surprised Swift was able to make that drum machine beat work. I really enjoy her work.



Smashing Pumpkins’ Cherub Rock. Not sure what it’s all about, I’ve just always thought it sounded cool. Great guitar solo too.